Karo Pharma offers a portfolio of healthcare products and services that help to prevent illness and treat everyday health problems

An extensive portfolio for everyday healthcare

At Karo Pharma, we specialise in the sales and marketing of products for everyday healthcare. Our products range from prescription drugs (Rx) to branded over the counter (OTC) products.

Our portfolio includes over 100 brands across six categories: intimate care; dermatology; footcare; pain, cough and cold; wellness; and Rx pharma care.

These products are available in 60 countries via our direct sales organisations and network of distributors – and are sold to consumers through pharmacies and retailers.

Above and beyond the product

In each of our categories, we provide the products and services our consumers need for choosing and treating everyday health problems and staying healthy.

We connect them with the right products and make sure they have good and relevant choices. We also help them make an informed choice – by offering clear information and support, for example, through education and digital services.

Finally, we make sure our products are there when and where our consumers need them – and that they are easy to access in stores, pharmacies and online.

That’s how we deliver smart choices for everyday healthcare.


We believe that everybody deserves healthy skin. Within dermatology, our ambition is to offer high quality brands and be the leader within selected segments. Our portfolio of trusted and well-established brands are highly valued by consumers, pharmacies and healthcare professionals alike.

We treat people with very dry and problematic skin, as well as atopic dermatitis. I often recommend Locobase emollients*, their high lipid content that protects and restores the skin’s barrier function.

— Petra Kjellman, dermatologist, Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud, Sweden. * Locobase Repair and Locobase Fat Cream
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Intimate care

Our intimate care products support consumers and healthcare professionals in addressing and treating health issues in intimate areas. We offer fast relief and problem-solving brands for increased quality of life such as Multi-Gyn, Multi-Mam, Scheriproct and Pevaryl.

I recommend Multi-Gyn products as a first-line treatment for vaginal problems.

— Dr. Zoran Maričić, gynecologist
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Foot care

Footcare is a key category for Karo Pharma. Our portfolio includes several trusted brands – such as Pevaryl, Nailner, Wortie and CCS – that help people keep their feet beautiful, healthy and strong all year round.

1 out of 5 adults live with toenail fungus.

— Global Nail Fungus Organization 2019

Pain, cough & cold

Karo offers a range of products that relieve pain and fever as well as products that prevent and treat symptoms of common cold. We have become experts within this field, with products like Paracet, Norway’s most sold product against pain and fever, in our portfolio.

For full product information please click on the product names.

Common cold is the most prevalent contagious viral disease in humans. On average, adults suffer 1-2 times per year and children much more often than that.

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Speciality products

Karo Pharma offers a portfolio of trusted original brands in a variety of therapeutical areas within prescription drugs.

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Wellness is a mixed portfolio of brands – such as Flux, Allévo, Dosett and Dax – that make consumers’ everyday lives easier and healthier.

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More sustainable packaging

We continually strive to reduce our climate footprint. We are using less plastic and more recycled materials in our packaging. In Sweden, we also recycle our packaging for circular sustainability.