We contribute to better health and improved quality of life

At Karo Pharma we care about people’s well-being and offer increased access to effective treatments for the ageing population of the Western world. Today we have a broad product portfolio, divided on three primary categories: Prescription (Rx) drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and self-care products, as well as other health-related products. These products include both established brands and innovative up-and-comers. The past few years the company has increased its focus on prescription drugs and OTC products that are sold directly to customers by pharmacies and retail stores, while the other health-related products include medical devices used by the health care industry. The common denominator for all categories is that they include products that contribute to better health and improved quality of life for the users.



Ibux is a non-prescription product for short term treatment against mild to moderate pain such as muscle- and joint pain, headache, menstrual pain and toothache. Ibux also decreases fever during a cold or a flu. Ibux is available in different drug forms and strengths, depending on your needs and age.


Locobase is a well-established skincare brand, recommended by health care professionals and pharmacy staff. Locobase is an international brand being sold in around 40 countries with a strong position mainly on the Nordic market. Locobase is clinically proven to be gentle to sensitive skin and highly suitable for eczema-prone skin. Locobase is available as Repair, Fat Cream and LPL, depending on skin condition.

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Paracet is Norway’s #1 OTC product (Farmastat/Nielsen, 2017) against headache and pain and is used for short term treatment of mild to moderate pains such as headache, toothache, menstrual pain, muscle- and joint pain. Paracet also decreases fever during a cold or a flu. Paracet is available in different drug forms and strengths, depending on your need and age.



Viruseptin is a dual-acting cold spray that can be used for prevention and treatment of nasal and pharyngeal infections. Viruseptin effectively prevents viruses from spreading and can, if the cold has already broken out, shorten the disease period and reduce the risk of a recurring infection. Viruseptin is the first cold spray that has had proven efficacy in patients in several well-controlled studies*. Viruseptin is a medical device and is available as a nasal and mouth spray.

* Eccles et al. Respiratory Research 2010, 11:108, Ludwig et al. Respiratory Research 2013, 14:124, Koenighofer et al. Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine 2014, 9:57, Eccles et al. Respiratory Research 2015, 16:121, Fazekas et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012, 12:147.

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Allévo is one of the leading brands in the Nordic Region in nutritional products for those who want a more sustainable lifestyle. Numerous studies indicate that a healthy lifestyle makes people feel better both physically and mentally. In Sweden Allévo has an established market position and is distributed through pharmacies, the retail market, health specialist stores and convenience stores. Allévo products are distributed via pharmacies and the retail market in Finland and are available at the pharmacies in Norway

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Lacerations during childbirth are a medical problem that can lead to considerable discomfort and, in some cases, long-lasting complications. BabySlide is a medical device that reduces the risk of lacerations by supporting the tissue where the most severe lacerations appear. BabySlide is the result of Swedish research and the positive effect has been demonstrated in a clinical study. BabySlide is patent-protected and is available for obstetric clinics to buy.

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Dosett is the market leader in the storage of medicine. The Nordic countries have a growing aging population, which increases the demand for drugs. Dosett facilitates the safe storage of medicines and patient compliance. Dosett is the market leader in all Nordic countries and is mainly distributed through pharmacies.

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Mabs compression socks are based on a proven and well-documented method of increasing the blood circulation in the legs.

All Mabs compression socks are classified as medical compression socks class 1. The product range consists of socks in different materials depending on area of use.

Mabs compression socks have a leading position on the Swedish pharmacy market. The brand has a strong position in the Norwegian market and established distribution in Denmark and Finland.

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Karo Pharma offers a product assortment of ergonomic products for people with disabilities. The range consists of products especially designed to simplify and support in everyday situations. The products are manufactured in Karo Pharma’s factory in Lenhovda, Småland with distribution mainly to health care sector.

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Prescription drugs

Respiratory: Mollipect, TheoDur
Gout: Probecid
Cardiovascular: Burinex, Centyl K, Kaleorid, Suscard, Nitroglycerin BioPhausia, Digoxin BioPhausia
Gastro/Intestinal: Laxabon, Egazil
Dermatology: Condyline, Synalar, Mildison, Fonx (not provided in Nordic countries), Conotrane (not provided in Nordic countries)
Musculoskeletal: Paraflex
Pain: Citodon, Morfin Special, Paralgin forte, Trampalgin
Fever/pain: Ibux, Paracet
Cold/Flu: Bronkyl, Bronkyl forte (also available as non-prescription drugs)
Antibiotics: Selexid
Zinc Deficiency: Solvezink
CNS/Psychiatry: Lithionit
Diabetes: Metformin
Insomnia: Zonat