An extensive portfolio for everyday healthcare

Karo Pharma offers a portfolio of everyday healthcare products and services that help prevent illness and treat health problems.

At Karo Pharma, we specialise in the sales and marketing of products for everyday healthcare. Our products range from prescription drugs (Rx) to branded over the counter (OTC). 

Our portfolio includes over 100 brands across six categories: intimate care; dermatology; footcare; pain, cough and cold; wellness; and Rx pharma care.

These products are available in 60 countries via our direct sales organisations and network of distributors and are sold to consumers through pharmacies and retailers.

Above and beyond the product

In each of our categories, we provide the products and services our consumers need for choosing and treating health problems and staying healthy.

We connect them with the right products and make sure they have good and relevant choices. We also help them make an informed choice – by offering clear information and support, for example, through education and digital services.

Finally, we make sure our products are there when and where our consumers need them – and that they are easy to access in stores, pharmacies and online. 

That’s how we deliver smart choices for everyday healthcare.


The Aloe Vera by CCS gel is extracted from the Aloe Vera leaf gel and has a unique combination of minerals, vitamins and beneficial substances that moisturizes the skin.
Aloe Vera has many health and beauty properties, it is for instance used on sun damaged skin, after shaving, on insects bites and on irritated skin.

Expert care for dry and sensitive skin. Since 1974, Decubal has worked closely with Nordic dermatologists to develop safe skin care products for the whole family. Allergy certified products with only effective and safe ingredients. Available at pharmacies only. Often recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists.

Expert everyday hair care for dandruff and dry & sensitive scalp. Fungobase is specially developed to be used with Fungoral, before and in between treatments.

Fungoral (ketoconazole) shampo is an OTC product for treatment of dandruff. Read the package leaflet carefully.
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Karbasal (carbamide/urea) cream, is an OTC product for the treatment of dry skin. Softening cream with proven effect. Water binding and barrier strengthening. Contributes to the normalization of dry skin. Carbamide (urea) is naturally present in the skin. Read package leaflet carefully.

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KidsClin offers a range of innovative products specifically produced for common indications children suffer from. These indications include cradle cap, diaper rash, itchy skin, throat ache and ear pain. All products are produced in a way to make them both easy and effective to use as well as safe for children.

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Locobase is a well-established skincare brand, recommended by health care professionals and pharmacy staff. Locobase is an international brand being sold in around 40 countries with a strong position mainly on the Nordic market. Locobase is clinically proven to be gentle to sensitive skin and highly suitable for eczema-prone skin. Locobase is available as Repair, Fat Cream and LPL, depending on skin condition.

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Oliva offers a range of skin care products with natural ingredients that gently care for your skin. The essence of all Olivas products is olive oil and olive leaf extract – both organically grown and certified.

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PoxClin is a product specifically produced for treatment of symptoms related to chickenpox, currently available in over 50 markets world wide. PoxClin also included the patented 2QR complex. As an added bonus, PoxClin comes as a mousse, which makes it fun and easy to apply to larger areas of the skin. It’s quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no stickiness behind. Your child is ready to jump of to their next adventure in no time!

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Propyless (propylene glycol) skin lotion, is an OTC product for the treatment of dry skin of various types. Softening and protective with an antimicrobial effect. Propyless is approved from 0 years. The skin lotion must not be applied in the ear canal or on burned skin. Read package leaflet carefully.

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Foot care

CCS offers a range of products within skin care and foot care.

The category of foot creams has a very positive trend in the total pharmacy market, and CCS Swedish Formula strongly contributes to this, in terms of value and volume. Our popular Foot Care ointment is, for example, Sweden’s most purchased foot cream.

CCS Foot Pro is a multifunctional foot cream that replaces all the products usually needed to separately treat heel cracks, calluses, dry feet and bad odors. In addition, it is the only all-in-one product that both treats and prevents athlete’s foot. Our popular and established foot care assortment is recommended by Sweden’s Fotterapeuter (podiatrists).

Our popular CCS Care Hand Cream is, for example, Sweden’s best-selling hand cream and specially adapted for really dry and sensitive hands that requires extra care.

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Cortimyk (miconazole nitrate and hydrocortisone) cream, is an OTC product for the treatment of athlete’s foot (foot fungus). Antifungal and anti-itching. Read package leaflet carefully.

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Footner is a footcare brand that offers a fun product experience and can help anyone give their feet some love, with the wide range of products. From exfoliating socks that gives baby soft feet with only one application, a sorbet like foot cream that moisturizes and cools down warm feet, or a warming foot scrub that has a 3in1 effect. Everyone should be proud of their feet!

Mabs compression socks are based on a proven and well-documented method of increasing the blood circulation in the legs.

All Mabs compression socks are classified as medical compression socks class 1. The product range consists of socks in different materials depending on area of use.

Mabs compression socks have a leading position on the Swedish pharmacy market. The brand has a strong position in the Norwegian market and established distribution in Denmark and Finland.

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Nailner offers a range of products with the focus on the aesthetical issue of nail fungus and gives consumers the opportunity to have good looking nails while treating. The patented formula is the foundation of Nailners expertise in treating the nail fungus, but the product development is based on consumer in-sights, with the aim to give consumers a solution that fits their individual needs.

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Wortie offers effective, safe, and easy to use treatments against warts and verrucas. Wortie has a range of products with different treatment styles to fit with individual prefrances, so that it is easy to treat at home. Worties patanted cyrotheropy products is the heros of the rang, with the unique metaltip only the wart of verrucas is treated and not surrounding healthy skin. However, the range is accomplanied by the classical liquid treatment and the simple and easy to use treatment with plasters.

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Hospital supply

Karo Pharma offers a product assortment of ergonomic products for people with disabilities. The range consists of products especially designed to simplify and support in everyday situations. The products are manufactured in Karo Pharma’s factory in Lenhovda, Småland with distribution mainly to health care sector.

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Intimate care

Lacerations during childbirth are a medical problem that can lead to considerable discomfort and, in some cases, long-lasting complications. BabySlide is a medical device that reduces the risk of lacerations by supporting the tissue where the most severe lacerations appear. BabySlide is the result of Swedish research and the positive effect has been demonstrated in a clinical study. BabySlide is patent-protected and is available for obstetric clinics to buy.

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HemoClin helps in the treatment of haemorrhoids and anal discomforts. The products supports and promotes natural healing, are free from side effects. State of the art technology that combines an innovative hydrogel, modern application systems and patented ingredients in order to offer an effective and safe relief from haemorrhoids.

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Multi-Gyn offers a complete range of intimate care products. Our products are for the treatment and prevention of vaginal discomforts such as itch, dryness, discharge or odor, as well as bacterial vaginosis and candida. One of our main ingredients is the patented, plant-based, bio-active 2QR-complex. We believe it is better to restore the natural balance of the vagina- which protects you from discomforts- than merely treating the symptoms. This method is effective, gives direct relief, prevents discomforts from recurring and has no known side effects.

Multi-Mam products treat and prevent breastfeeding discomforts and give relief for baby’s teething discomforts.The main ingredient in Multi-Mam Compresses and Multi-Mam BabyDent is 2QR-complex. This natural, plant-based ingredient neutralizes harmful microbes by preventing their adhesion to tissue. 2QR-complex supports the natural healing process and restores the natural balance of microbial flora. 2QR-complex has no known side effects.

Pevaryl intimate (econazole) vagitorium and vaginal cream. OTC product for self-treatment of vaginal fungal infections for women previously treated by physicians against vaginal fungal infections and now having the same symptoms.

Pevaryl foot (econazole) cream, powder and spray. OTC product for the treatment of athlete’s foot and other fungal infections in the skin.

Epi-Pevaryl skin (econazole) cream. OTC product for the treatment of fungal infections in the skin.

Read the package leaflet carefully.

Treatment of the symptoms of hemorrhoids and their pre- and postoperative treatment, proctitis, anal eczema. Scheriproct is a well-stablished medication, more than 50 years in the market support the efficiency and safety of the products.

Pain, cough & cold

Ibux is a non-prescription product for short term treatment against mild to moderate pain such as muscle- and joint pain, headache, menstrual pain and toothache. Ibux also decreases fever during a cold or a flu. Ibux is available in different drug forms and strengths, depending on your needs and age.

Paracet is Norway’s #1 OTC product (Farmastat/Nielsen, 2017) against headache and pain and is used for short term treatment of mild to moderate pains such as headache, toothache, menstrual pain, muscle- and joint pain. Paracet also decreases fever during a cold or a flu. Paracet is available in different drug forms and strengths, depending on your need and age.

Viruseptin is a dual-acting cold spray that can be used for prevention and treatment of nasal and pharyngeal infections. Viruseptin effectively prevents viruses from spreading and can, if the cold has already broken out, shorten the disease period and reduce the risk of a recurring infection. Viruseptin is the first cold spray that has had proven efficacy in patients in several well-controlled studies*. Viruseptin is a medical device and is available as a nasal and mouth spray.

* Eccles et al. Respiratory Research 2010, 11:108, Ludwig et al. Respiratory Research 2013, 14:124, Koenighofer et al. Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine 2014, 9:57, Eccles et al. Respiratory Research 2015, 16:121, Fazekas et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012, 12:147.

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RX Pharma care

Respiratory: Mollipect, TheoDur
Gout: Probecid
Cardiovascular: Burinex, Centyl K, Kaleorid, Suscard, Nitroglycerin BioPhausia, Digoxin BioPhausia
Gastro/Intestinal: Laxabon, Egazil
Dermatology: Condyline, Synalar, Mildison, Fonx (not provided in Nordic countries), Conotrane (not provided in Nordic countries)
Musculoskeletal: Paraflex
Pain: Dolerin, Citodon, Morfin Special, Paralgin forte, Trampalgin
Fever/pain: Ibux, Paracet
Cold/Flu: Bronkyl, Bronkyl forte (also available as non-prescription drugs)
Antibiotics: Selexid
Zinc Deficiency: Solvezink
CNS/Psychiatry: Lithionit
Diabetes: Metformin
Insomnia: Zonat


Allévo is one of the leading brands in the Nordic Region in nutritional products for those who want a more sustainable lifestyle. Numerous studies indicate that a healthy lifestyle makes people feel better both physically and mentally. In Sweden Allévo has an established market position and is distributed through pharmacies, the retail market, health specialist stores and convenience stores. Allévo products are distributed via pharmacies and the retail market in Finland and are available at the pharmacies in Norway

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Antibac is Norway’s leading brand in disinfection products and offers northern Europe’s widest range of alcohol-based disinfection.

Bamse offers a skin care range specially designed for children with ingredients that are gentle to sensitive skin. Bamse is the kid’s hero in the bathroom – strong, kind and fair.

Betavivo offers products for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Betavivo Oat hearts is a cereal, mainly sold in Scandinavia, with well documented effect for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar in a natural way at the same time as being a healthy part of breakfast for the whole family. The products are strongly endorsed by their loyal customers.

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Clinomyn offers oral care for tobacco users. Common problems caused by smoking include coatings on teeth and oral mucosa, bad breath and a dry, stale mouthfeel. With the help of Clinomyn mouth rinse and toothpastes, we help tobacco users restore a healthy smile.

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DAX has been in the Swedish market since the 1970s and is a well-known brand in primarily health care. The perhaps most well-known product, DAX Alcogel, is sold through grocery stores and pharmacies.

Dosett is the market leader in the storage of medicine. The Nordic countries have a growing aging population, which increases the demand for drugs. Dosett facilitates the safe storage of medicines and patient compliance. Dosett is the market leader in all Nordic countries and is mainly distributed through pharmacies.

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Flux was developed in Sweden in close collaboration with dental care and was launched in 2007. The Flux Family has products for strong teeth, for a good breath, for a dry mouth and have also more treating products (chlorhexidine). Flux offers products for the whole family, both for children and for adults. The products are available at pharmacies, grocery stores and are sold at many dental clinics. Flux´s vision is that oral care is fun. Have you done your “fluxing” today?

Indy Beauty offers a complete and comprehensive beauty range with products that are gentle to your skin. All of the products are 100% vegan and produced in Sweden. The brand Indy Beauty is run by Youtube star Therése Lindgren.

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