Focus on acquisitions results in growth for Karo Pharma

After starting out as a small research company, Karo Pharma has expanded through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, quickly positioning itself as one of the leading specialty pharma companies in the Nordics and now venturing into Europe.

Since the founding of Karo Pharma in 1987 we have both expanded and fundamentally changed the direction of our business, while aiming to contribute to better health and improved quality of life.

Today, Karo Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on the sales and marketing of prescription drugs (Rx) and over the counter products (OTC) which are sold at pharmacies and in retail stores. Our products are available in over 30 countries, where they help give patients better access to effective treatments. Since the population in the Nordic countries as well as the rest of the Western world is ageing, we predict that the demand for our medications and medical devices will be substantial for the foreseeable future.

Karo Pharma is expanding both organically and through opportunistic acquisitions which have positive synergy effects for our organization. We primarily focus on acquiring and effectively integrating established brands with positive cash flows and stable earning potential. We also invest in innovative projects and partnerships with low development risk and short time to market. These cost-effective strategies have given us solid profitability the past few years and position us as an attractive partner now that we aim to strengthen our presence in Europe and the rest of the world.

The success of the past few years had not been possible without our competent and passionate team members. Karo Pharma has a little over 100 employees, of which 40 people work at our headquarters in Stockholm and the rest are divided between our branches in Oslo, Copenhagen and Turku, as well as our logistics and production facility in Lenhovda.

Karo Pharma to be a successful international specialty pharma company that contributes to improved health and quality of life. We achieve this by creating value and growth together with our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

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